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Terms and Conditions

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In joining the toy library I understand:


I am responsible for ensuring all toys are returned clean and in good working order.


I will be charged a replacement or repair fee for any broken toys or parts of toys.  All fines will reflect the cost of replacement or repair, and will take into consideration the age and condition of the toy.


I am responsible for ensuring that all toys are returned on time.  The loan period is two weeks, this can be extended on request.  A reminder will be sent if toys are two weeks overdue, once toys are three weeks overdue then fees will be charged at $1 per general item (starting code A or P) and $2 per big item (starting code B) per item per week.


I understand that is I lose a non-essential piece of a toy then I have a month to find this piece before a fine will be charged.  If the piece is found, the fine will be refunded.


If I lose an essential piece of a toy then a fine must be paid upfrount.  If the piece is found, the fine will be refunded.


I understand that if I have any outstanding fines, I will not be able to borrow toys until these are paid.


I understand that all online payments are due within a week of issuing.


I understand that I am responsible for selecting toys that are appropriate for my child's age and skill level, and providing the relevant Health and Safety protection for toys hired (e.g. helmets).


The Eastbourne Toy Library committee reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of membership, but will always give members advance notice of any changes.